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  • We included 7 complex formulae for each stock and came out with good accuracy recommendations

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  How to Trade:

  • Divide your capital into 4 parts

  • Select 4 different scrips to trade (from 4 different sectors)

  • Wait for the level to trigger above/below the recommended price (Method 1)

  • Maintain strict stoplosses

  • Book 50% profits @ 1st target and trial stop loss to cost. Book full @ 2nd target

  • Smart traders can also buy around support level - sell below resistance level and vice-versa (Method 2)



Nifty Bullish Above 5080 (Resistance)

Nifty Bearish Below 5020 (support)


   Method 1: GO WITH THE TREND (For High Movement/Volatile markets)

  • Buy Nifty only above 5080 or Sell only below 5020.

  • Follow strict target and SL as given by us


   Method 2: BUY AT LOW AND SELL AT HIGH (For Less Movement/Range bound markets)

  • Buy Nifty slightly above support/bearish level (around 5040) with SL as 5020 or Sell slightly below resistance/bullish level (around 5060) with SL 5080.

  • Maintain risk – reward ratio as 1:1